Beth Prose

It was love at first sun salutation for me about ten years ago. I was instantly fascinated by the spiritual, emotional and physical facets of yoga. To gain a deeper understanding of the special gifts of yoga, I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training at Samadhi Studio in Manchester, CT in 2014. I feel honored to share the gifts of yoga with my students.

The lessons I learn on the mat serve me well off the mat as a mom of three boys, an endurance athlete and an English as a Second Language teacher at Windham Public Schools.

Beth Prose instructs the following:
  • Power Hour
  • Our Power Hour is a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa style (flow) yoga. Be prepared to work hard and work up a sweat! The emphasis is on strength and flexibility. It is one hour long to fit into your busy schedule. It's hot-usually about 85 degrees. And it flows, so your muscles will be heated and flexible, a real strength builder. What better way to detox and invigorate your day!

  • Vigorous Yoga
  • Our physically challenging classes help you develop strength and endurance, and include more advanced postures and breathing exercises. These classes make you sweat!