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Welcome to Storrs Yoga


If you have ever thought that you wanted to try yoga, it can be a little intimidating to think about just getting in the door. You might not know what to expect, or maybe you think that you are not flexible enough. We understand what that is like, because we here at SYC were in your shoes at one time, too!


Yoga is an on going practice, and the most important thing you need is an open mind. Everyone is welcome here. We have hot classes if you are familiar with yoga and you like to sweat. We have gentle classes that are designed to relax your mind and stretch your body. All levels classes encompass almost everyone.


Often, it takes a little time to get a good perspective. As a new student, you can purchase 3o days of UNLIMITED yoga for $30! (Usually $15 for a drop in).

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(860) 429-9330


1733 Storrs Road

Route 195

Holiday Mall Courtyard

Storrs, CT 06268